WAmazing, Inc.

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About Us

Company name WAmazing, Inc.
Location 〒111-0055
201 Naganuma Building, 1-17-12, San-suji, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Company URL https://corp.wamazing.com/
What we do Our business goal is to develop and manage platforms for foreign visitors, and to arrange reservations for the five largest consumer areas (leisure, lodging, shopping, transportation, and food) for them while traveling in Japan and to deliver the latest tourist information through our own media.

Field trial data

Theme of field trail Inbound tourism promotion coinciding with the opening of the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal
Tokyo site Tokyo International Cruise Terminal
Product / Service Overview We are offering services to help make communication for foreign tourists in Japan more convenient by distributing free SIM cards at airports throughout Japan. We are also providing an app for foreign tourists that will allow them to browse tourist information and make reservations.
WAmazing’s service focuses on foreign tourists, and we get unique information for commercial use by partnering with many domestic tourist agents.
Outline of field trials We will install a dedicated device in the Tokyo International Cruse Terminal that distributes free SIM cards. Also, we will sell excursion tickets and promote the utilization of our app. Through the utilization of the app by foreign tourists, we will analyze mobile and shopping data in order to quantify the economic effect.

Message from the CEO

加藤 史子氏 写真

Fumiko Kato

While foreign tourists visiting Japan contribute to the revitalization of the economy, due to concentration in certain areas there has been a negative impact on the local people and environment. In order for Japan and Tokyo to grow as a tourism-oriented nation and become capitals of tourism, it is necessary to "equalize tourism demand", that is, to enjoy all parts of Japan and Tokyo. WAmazing aims to discover and share the charm of Japan that is still unknown to visitors, and contribute to improving the satisfaction of foreign tourists while maximizing the economic effects on the visited regions.
For the field trial, we aim to increase the amount of consumerism in Tokyo and utilize the data and analysis results to deliver the best possible experience for future visitors to Japan.

Progress of field test

Field triall progress reports are available here