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As global competition for innovation, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, intensifies, startup companies that produce cutting-edge products and services are becoming more important. Overseas, many startup companies known as “unicorns” have been founded. Unfortunately, however, Japan has produced few of them, so producing a flood of start-up companies, which are the sparks of innovation, is required.

Even in Tokyo, in order to overcome global competition between cities and achieve sustainable growth, it is necessary to discover promising businesses and improve productivity through innovation. Tokyo also faces various social issues such as a declining population. We hope that cutting-edge businesses can be a powerful solution.


Objective picture

Spearheading an advanced business diffusion model called the “King Salmon Project” (hereinafter referred to as “this project”) implemented by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we will support the following: the matching between advanced projects and metropolitan government issues, field trials utilizing the public welfare facilities of the metropolitan government and the support for strategic planning for expansion of sales channels, and horizontal development through model cases.

Through these processes, we will create a problem-solving start-up company (“King Salmon Company”) in Tokyo, which will become a role model for the future, and will take over the global market. By establishing an "entrepreneurial cycle" of "entrepreneurship → expansion → exit (profit collection through public offerings) → next entrepreneurship (or support),” we aim to improve and solve the growth and social issues of Tokyo through advanced businesses (innovation) .

Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC has been entrusted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to operate this business in fiscal year 2019 and act as a business promoter.

Implementation Content

This project consists of the following four contents: Field trials, promotion of public procurement, strategic planning and execution support for expansion of overseas sales channels, horizontal deployment.

  1. Field trials

    Businesses adopted by this project (hereinafter referred to as "adopted companies") will carry out field trials using products and services that contribute to the solutions for social issues that are facing Tokyo.

  2. Promotion of public procurement

    As for the products and services that are found to contribute to the solution of social issues as a result of the field trialst, Tokyo will certify them (*) based on the Order for Enforcement of the Local Autonomy Act 167-21-4. After authorization, each department in Tokyo will be able to purchase items by private contracts. Please note that this is not a commitment to purchase.

    *A separate application is required after the verification test is completed. Details will be announced after adoption.

  3. Strategic planning and execution support for expanding overseas sales channels

    Assuming the overseas expansion of products and services by the adopted companies, we will support the top sales and the examination of measures related to overseas expansion.

  4. Horizontal development

    The results obtained from this project will be used as a model of a successful case of "startup x solving social issues", with the aim of horizontally expanding to subsequent startup companies. We will study a model (system) for continuously producing startup companies which conduct promotion activities via collaboration with the adopted companies or dominate global markets.

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