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About Us

Company name Triple W Japan Inc.
Location 〒105-0001
Toranomon Toyo Building 7F 1-4-2, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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What we do Product planning, development, and sale of excretion prediction device, “DFree”

Field trial data

Theme of field trail Support for nursing and nursing care by using robots and wearable devices
Tokyo site Tokyo metropolitan hospitals
Product / Service Overview “DFree” is a wearable device that notifies smart devices in advance when the wearer needs to relieve him or herself by using ultrasonic technology to measure the accumulation of urine in the bladder in real time.
Unlike conventional residual urine volume measuring devices, this is the world's first excretion prediction device that can be worn at all times as well as store and manage data.
Outline of field trials We aim to facilitate early recovery of patients in both acute and recovery stages in the Tokyo metropolitan hospitals by inducing independent urination
The effects of improving the patients' independence and reducing the work load on caregivers will be calculated by recording the number of days until discharge of both wearers and non-wearers, the number of incontinence incidents, the number of successful uses of the toilet, and surveys from the caregivers themselves.

Message from the CEO

中西 敦士氏 写真

Atsushi Nakanishi

The excretion care that we are working on is an important issue within the advanced-aged society. Over 500 million people worldwide have worries about excretion, and in Japan, the market for adult diapers already exceeds the market for baby diapers. In addition, according to surveys, dealing with incontinence is a crushing experience for those receiving care, and assistance in this area is the hardest task for caregivers.
Until recently, this device was used mainly in the nursing care field, but in the future it is expected to be used in the medical field in areas such as rehabilitation. We aim to solve problems related to excretion care by providing solutions that can provide optimal care. Then, with a focus on wearable ultrasonic technology, we aim to build a platform that will allow anyone to easily receive high-quality healthcare services.

Progress of field test

Field triall progress reports are available here