Overseas development information

Tokyo MG & TUS Pitch Event

The King Salmon Project, in collaboration with TUS Holdings (启迪控股) of China, held a pitch event for the 4 selected startups to promote the products and services to Chinese companies. Approximately 30 people participated in the online event.

TUS Holdings (启迪控股) is an incubator and investment institution within the Tsinghua University and has nurtured and supported 5,000 startups. Since China is an important market for the overseas expansion of selected startups, we held a pitch event to convey the potential of each startup to enterprises and investors in China.

Each startup introduced their own products and services, as well as their uniqueness, competitive advantage, and willingness to partner with Chinese companies. There were questions and comments on the presentations from each company, which provided an opportunity for participants from overseas to deepen their understanding.