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About Us

Company name Innophys Co., Ltd.
Location 〒162-0825
Tokyo University of Science Morito Memorial Hall 3rd Floor, 4-2-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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What we do Development, design, manufacturing, and sale of assistive devices
Development, design, manufacturing, and sale of Industrial specialized equipment
Consultation for exploring methods of device development skills and operationalization
Acquisition, maintenance and management of intellectual property for methods of equipment development technology
Product certification acquisition, maintenance, and management

Field trial data

Theme of field trail Support for nursing and nursing care by using robots and wearable devices
Tokyo site Welfare institutions
Product / Service Overview “Muscle Suit Every” is a suit that uses artificial muscles to assist the lower back. It operates by using pneumatic pumps to manually pump air into artificial pneumatic muscles without the need for electricity. An exoskeleton support system that physically reduces the load on the lower back, such as the “Muscle Suit Every”, was originally a high-priced product of about 1 million Yen, but we have now reduced the price to 100,000 Yen. Also, its light weight makes it convenient to be used in various situations by people from all walks of life.
Outline of field trials We will ask welfare service workers to wear "Muscle Suit Every" in order to reduce their work loads from activities such as lifting or carrying patients to move them, bathing patients, and changing patients' diapers. We will verify the work load reduction effect from wearing the “Muscle Suit Every” by using electromyography and motion capture technology.

Message from the CEO

折原 大吾氏 写真

Daigo Orihara

Currently, In Japan, the demand for medical welfare services is increasing due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and there is an urgent need to reduce the workload of welfare service workers. We aim to create an environment where employees can work actively without suffering from back pain.
Our back support device started with the idea that "we want to create a world where everyone can live independently in their old age." Starting from providing solutions to the medical and welfare fields, we would like to contribute to building a society in which people around the world can live comfortable lives.

Progress of field test

Field triall progress reports are available here