Progress of field test

2023 Adopted Companies 3rd period

  • microbase Inc

    microbase Inc

    Automate/optimize the tenant screening process and speed up the process of recruiting new tenants for metropolitan housing through the introduction of “” and the use of image recognition technology at metropolitan housing management sites

  • Dr.JOY Co., Ltd.

    Dr.JOY Co., Ltd.

    Reduce the labor management workload of doctors and medical office workers by automating clocking in and out and accurately understanding their actual working situations by setting up beacon receivers in hospitals run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and having doctors carry beacon transmitters

  • Studyplus Co., Ltd.

    Studyplus Co., Ltd.

    Improve operational efficiency regarding communication between educators and guardians as well as satisfaction related to this by optimizing communication about attendance and visualizing the status of attendance by introducing “Studyplus for School” in schools run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government