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Access to Tokyo Familiarization Trip

The King Salmon Project, in collaboration with "Access to Tokyo“, the contact point with overseas hub organizations in the "Invest Tokyo”, introduced this project to overseas hub organizations and influencers.

Access to Tokyo ファムトリップ

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government provides wide-ranging support to foreign companies and entrepreneurs toward the realization of "Tokyo, the most business-friendly city in the world" As part of this support, it has established liaison points "Access to Tokyo" with overseas hub organizations at four major cities; London, Paris, San Francisco and Singapore. As part of the "Access to Tokyo, a promotional tour introducing the market and business environment of Tokyo “Familiarization Trip“ was held. With in the “Familiarization Trip”, the backgrounds and purposes of the Kings Salmon Project as well as the selected startups were introduced.

Details of the “Familiarization Trip" can be found on the "Invest Tokyo" website.