Holoeyes Inc.

Holoeyes Inc. 写真

About Us

Company name Holoeyes Inc.
Location 〒107-0062
303 Morin Building, 2-17-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Company URL https://holoeyes.jp/
What we do As a visualization and communication service for healthcare using VR technology, we provide applications and cloud services that convert 3D data generated from CT scans and MRIs into VR

Field trial data

Theme of field trail Making active use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Tokyo metropolitan hospitals
Tokyo site Tokyo metropolitan hospitals
Product / Service Overview We provide services that can be used for surgery examinations, training, education, etc. by converting 3D data generated from CT scans and MRIs into VR. When converting from 3D data to VR, users can easily access VR applications without the need for an engineer.
Outline of field trials In metropolitan hospitals, VR-based 3D data will be used at conferences, surgery sites, for training of medical interns, and communication with patients to improve the efficiency of surgery, improve the effectiveness of training, and promote the understanding of patients. We plan to verify the effectiveness of the VR service on the efficiency of surgery and the effect on the degree of understanding of surgical staff and patients through surveys.

Message from the CEO

谷口 直嗣氏 写真

Naotsugu Taniguchi

Along with the growing aging society, the medical technology that responds to it is becoming more sophisticated. The necessity for invasive surgeries is increasing, but the number of surgeons who can perform these sophisticated surgeries is limited. Education costs for nurses and biomedical equipment technicians are also high. The current supply of medical human resources cannot meet the demands of society.
By providing a service that converts CT/MRI data into VR and records and reproduces surgery methods in 3D, it is now possible to share personal skills and techniques with others. Starting with Tokyo, we would like to support and help in providing advanced medical technology to many patients.
In addition to field trials, we also aim to establish an overseas business development plan through the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and overseas public administrations.

Progress of field test

Field triall progress reports are available here