Horizontal development

Guideline on Field Trial

The King Salmon Project has established a successful model of collaboration between Public (Government) and Startups that can be used as a reference for other municipalities and startup companies, and has prepared a guideline for the implementation of subsequent field trial.

Local governments that aim to solve administrative issues by collaborating with startups and startups that aim to tackle social issues by collaborating with the government using their own solutions, should use this as a guideline when considering the content and initiative of the field trial.

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*Document in Japanese only

Collaboration with other Programs to Nurture Subsequent Startups

Innophys Co., Ltd.

Innophys Co., Ltd.-01

“ASAC×KING SALMON PROJECT Joint Seminar” hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Innophys Co., Ltd. took the stage Thursday, February 4 at the “ASAC×KING SALMON PROJECT Joint Seminar – Startup Growth Strategy in Seed Stage” that was sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

ASAC supports prospective founders and startup companies that have just started, and its mission is to produce the world's leading companies. The King Salmon Project is promoting projects to produce subsequent startup companies and entrepreneurs, and as part of these efforts, the seminar was held in collaboration with ASAC, which has supported a large number of new startups, and Innophys Co., Ltd. gave a talk there.

At this event, Innophys Co., Ltd., with the title "Breakthrough to Growth," shared their experiences regarding the challenges from development to sale of “Muscle Suit” that were faced, and improvements and market strategies to meet market demand. They also answered questions from participants. It was a productive event for startups.


Triple W Japan Inc. & Holoeyes Inc.

Triple W Japan Inc.&Holoeyes Inc.-01
Triple W Japan Inc.&Holoeyes Inc.-02

Triple W Japan Inc. and Holoeyes Inc. took the stage at "KING SALMON PROJECT Entrepreneurship Seminar" hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Friday, February 12th.

This event was held in collaboration with Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Tokyo University of Science, both of which are members of the Startup Ecosystem Tokyo Consortium, as part of efforts to foster entrepreneurs. Mr. Atsushi Nakanishi, CEO of Triple W Japan Inc.. and Mr. Naoji Taniguchi, CEO and CTO of Holoeyes Inc. gave lectures as senior entrepreneurs.

Mr. Nakanishi gave a lecture on his career, the background of his startup, and what kind of social issues the company is aiming to solve through the products "DFree". Many questions had been raised by the participating students about product development and funding of a startup and how the company overcame these barriers, and useful information and experiences had been shared with students interested in starting a business.

Mr. Taniguchi, CEO and CTO of Holoeyes Inc., explained the company's services with examples of how it is used in medical field and introduced his career and background to the startup. He also introduced the specific examples of operation after starting a business such as the acceleration programs that they had participated. Because Holoeyes Inc. was established by an engineer and a doctor, many participants asked about the collaboration between the two members and how the business is being run using their expertise. The lecture provided useful information to prospective entrepreneurs by sharing how business can be realized through collaborating with people of different backgrounds.

WAmazing, Inc.

WAmazing, Inc.-01

On Thursday, December 3, WAmazing, Inc. gave a lecture on their experiences and know-how regarding overseas expansion at the X-HUB TOKYO event hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

X-HUB TOKYO is a platform providing details for capturing overseas markets, as well as opportunities for networks, mentoring, and pitches with major companies and venture capitalists, and supporting the interaction between overseas startups and companies in Tokyo. King Salmon Project cooperates with X-HUB TOKYO and aims at contributing to the creation of a system for sustainable startup production by sharing experiences and knowledge with subsequent startups.

At the “Real Talk on Global Entrepreneurship” event, Mr. Kato, CEO of WAmazing, Inc., and Mr Ouchi, CFO of WAmazing, Inc. took the stage and gave lectures about their businesses and the current market situation. They also discussed expanding business in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. During a question-and-answer session, they provided useful information to companies considering overseas business expansion.

Its event report is available at X-HUB TOKYO website.