Adopted Projects


2022 Adopted Companies 2nd period

  • STYLY,Inc.


    Expanding urban development to utilize cutting-edge technologies
    Product / Service Overview:
    • Build a system using “STYLY” that allows virtual content constructed online to be experienced in the same manner at real work sites
    • “STYLY” allows all types of VR, AR, and MR content to be created using the same development tool with no programing, and can provide applications that can be viewed on any device. It is a unique platform that supports development and how users view their content in any direction
  • Edoga Inc.

    Edoga Inc.

    Enhancing educational environments with hands-on training using virtual spaces
    Product / Service Overview:
    • Offer VR learning content to foster new talent in the areas of construction/civil engineering through “KEIKEN CLOUD”
    • “KEIKEN CLOUD” is filled with a various functions, such as eye tracking in VR space, accumulation of physical data, and a quiz function, which makes it possible to collect a variety of data


    Utilizing cutting-edge technologies in industrial fields that are suffering from a shortage of next-generation leaders (such as farming)
    Product / Service Overview:
    • “FARBOT” has excellent customizability, such as the ability to change its vehicle size in response to the needs of the worksite and operating location, as well as the ability to perform multiple operations with a combination of several functions
    • Offers robots that possess functions not available on existing markets, such as the ability to conduct niche operations that are useful in situations that cannot be resolved by existing machines or communicate using its communication function, in a way that best fits the needs of the worksite

Implementation Schedule

  • It is scheduled to be implemented some time between July to December 2020.
  • A detailed implementation schedule will be determined in the future in coordination with each metropolitan government that is involved.